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AMERICAN FORK — Police officers arrested two men early Sunday morning after they were reportedly found in possession of almost 60 grams of methamphetamine.54cfa2116683a_preview-620

According to police reports, American Fork police officers made a traffic stop late Saturday night because a license plate check showed the car had no insurance.

Officers made contact with the driver, Alejandro Rodriguez, and passenger, Richard Perez. Police reports state both had active arrest warrants. As a result, officers asked both to exit the vehicle.

Rodriguez, 33, was arrested immediately on his warrant charges.

As Perez, 33, was exiting the vehicle, a green plastic container fell on the ground from his lap. He was arrested immediately as well. Officers asked what was in the container and Perez told them it was meth.

When they opened the container, officers reportedly found about 58 grams of meth — equal to several hundred hits of meth for the average drug user.54cfa211836c5_preview-620

Perez reportedly told officers he and Rodriguez were going to meet a friend to deliver the meth, but he didn’t know who the friend was and Rodriguez set up the meeting.

Officers conducted a search on the car and found a backpack in the back seat. Perez said the backpack belonged to Rodriguez. The backpack had a lock on the zipper, but officers reportedly saw the handle of a gun through a small opening in the backpack.

Rodriguez reportedly told officers he didn’t know about the meth or the gun. However, he reportedly had a set of keys in his pocket that opened the lock in the backpack.

Rodriguez submitted to a urine test that came back positive for meth and speed. He later reportedly told officers he smoked meth before driving that night.

Officers obtained search warrants for Rodriguez’s and Perez’s phones and found Rodriguez was arranging to meet someone to deliver the drugs.

Rodriguez was booked on suspicion of one first-degree felony count of dispensing meth; one second-degree felony of possession of a dangerous weapon; one class A misdemeanor of possession of drug paraphernalia; and a half dozen other traffic-related offenses.

Perez was booked on suspicion of one first-degree felony charge of dispensing meth; one class A misdemeanor of drug paraphernalia; and one class B misdemeanor of shoplifting, which is a warrant.








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