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MIDDLETOWN — Middletown police are fighting a drug war on two fronts.

While heroin remains the No. 1 drug problem in this city of 48,702 right now, the manufacturing of methamphetamine is also on the rise, according to police. So far this year, Middletown police have busted two meth labs in the city and have busted an average of eight meth labs during each of the past two years.

“It’s on the rise, especially the cooking of meth…just because all the ingredients to make meth can be purchased at your common stores…and get on the Internet and learn how to make it,” said Sgt. David Birk of the Middletown Division of Police. “And officers are more aware of what meth is and the manufacturing of it, so that’s a big help in stopping the problem.”

Officers responded to an apartment in the 4400 block of Roosevelt Boulevard around 12:30 a.m. Tuesday in reference to a disturbance and “upon arrival officers could smell a strong odor of ammonia coming from the apartment,” Birk said.

Once inside the apartment, officers found four people inside and several items commonly used to make methamphetamine, including boxes of pseudo-ephedrine and ammonia nitrate. Birk said one of the apartment’s occupants, Felicia Lindvall, 40, tried to destroy some of the items in the apartment.meth2rrr

“We think they most likely destroyed it by pouring it down the sink,” Birk said.

Lindvall was arrested and charged with illegal assembly of chemicals, and officers questioned the three other people in Lindvall’s apartment, but they were later released, Birk said.

“We had no evidence at this point to charge them, but it’s still under investigation,” he said, noting they could be charged in the future and additional charges could be filed against Lindvall.

According to Middletown Municipal Court records, Lindvall has been arrested for drug abuse cocaine, attempted permitting drug abuse and possession of drug abuse instrument in 2005.

Officials say no injuries were reported, and everyone inside the apartment building was safely outside.

Tuesday’s meth bust was the second so far this year in the city, and the third that Middletown officers have investigated. Birk said Middletown police have also assisted Miamisburg police with a meth bust this year.

While the manufacturing of methamphetamine is on the rise, Birk said “the biggest problem is still the heroin epidemic.”

Some people even mix the two lethal drugs, according to police.

“We have seen individuals use heroin and methamphetamine where they get on heroin and get depressed and relax, then they want to stay up and so then they’ll use meth…putting your body through so many changes,” said Birk.meth1ff

John Bishop, 53, lives a block away from Lindvall and said he’s worried about his safety and remembers people cooking meth in his neighborhood about 10 years ago.

“Wished they’d stop, stop it all,” he said.

Janet Rose, of Franklin, lived in Middletown for about four years and said she’s not surprised that the manufacturing of methamphetamine is on the rise.

“Every place has got something going on,” she said. “Could blow the house up, could kill the neighbors or innocent people.”








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