BERTHOLD, N.D. – The arrest of three people here during a traffic stop Wednesday led to the capture of 11 pounds of meth, three handguns and about $20,000 in cash in what is believed to be one of the largest seizures in the state’s history, Berthold police said Thursday.

Police Chief Al Schmidt stopped a vehicle for erratic driving here on Wednesday and arrested according to a statement released by Berthold police.

Schmidt said he found a pound of meth in the vehicle plus about $20,000 cash, then took the trio to Ward County Jail for interviews that police say led to the seizure of 10 pounds of meth, a handgun and $900 in a room at the Days Inn in Minot.

On Thursday, one of the three tipped off Schmidt to a package at the Best Western Inn in Williston, where a Bureau of Criminal Investigation Task Force found two more handguns included in a Valentine’s Day box next to chocolates and teddy bears, police said.








  1. team truth says:

    Dear Readers,

    ” How would you feel if this happened to you? How would your family and friend’s miles away feel if you were gone forever? Law Enforcements word against ours? What do we do about it? Do we fight for our freedom and loved ones so their not wrongfully accused and imprisoned for life? I care about my loved ones and I refuse to let them go without a fight or getting the answers they deserve. We deserve the truth. Find out the truth! Dig deeper, do some research and you will find more to the story, a much bigger story. The real chain of   unexplained events that took place on February 11, 2015 on Highway 2 during the traffic stop of “The Biggest Methamphetamine Bust in North Dakota.” Was standard Police procudures followed? This makes me think, how many people have been wrongfully accused and sentenced to life because of illegal acts done by Police. We want the truth to be heard  and we will stand and fight for what we believe in. We need to ask questions and put them on the stand Under Oath. We want the truth and we want our loved ones back home. This brings me to my first question for the arresting officer (Chief Of Police), why is it that you acted alone? Why was everything done by yourself? You smelled a strong odor of marijuana in the vehicle? There was never any marijuana ever found in or on any of the victims at any time in a rental car. You found the Methamphetamine, cash and yet you still did not call for immediate back up? I recall you saying, “Once I located the meth they realized, this is it. If I dont get away here Im going to prison for life.” You also stated “I was nervous.” You couldn’t have been too nervous if you were the only one on the scene. Even after realizing what these 3 victims/suspects were capable of you still continued processing the scene alone. Remember you said it yourself these guys are the “REAL DEAL.” “THEY HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE, THEY GET DESPERATE AND VIOLENT AND THATS WHAT MAKES THEM SO DANGEROUS TO LAW ENFORCEMENT.” You took all 3 of them on by yourself alone with no back-up? No female officer was called to hand-search the female involved. Did you follow standard police procedures for the safety of their’s and for yourself? If you ask me, something isn’t right about all this. Our loved ones are now sitting in jail facing Life In Prison. Meanwhile the ones we trust to protect and serve us are made out to be the hero’s! Well no thanks, MR. FORMER D.E.A/CHIEF OF POLICE. We have enough of those already. I Bet your 6th Sense is feeling more like a mistake right now Under The Court of Law. All I’m asking for is that some research and investigating is done to get ALL the facts straight. Let OUR loved ones come home! It’s a VIOLATION OF OUR RIGHTS AS AMERICANS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA..CORRUPTION, ITS NOT JUST WRONG TO TAKE THE FREEDOM OF INNOCENT PEOPLE BUT ITS ILLEGAL AND THEY SHOULD BE PUNISHED EQUALLY.
    The first 3 News company’s to contact me back will get a 1 on 1 interview explaining the real event’s of this story by one of the victim’s. Let the truth be heard and have our loved ones be set free. The investigating is done. Let’s get the facts straight and let our loved ones come home. PLEASE SHARE this if you know anyone or have ever been wrongfully accused by someone of a higher authority.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Wow, I’m speechless right now. Couldnt agree with you anymore.

      • melissa says:

        Thanks u I been trying to get this story out there in emailing news cast but no one ever seems to contact or wana hear me out but I won’t stop til I get my loved one but home I will not let him be wrongfully accused

      • Elizabeth says:

        I know the feeling