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PHUKET: Police are on the lookout for a suspected Phuket Town drug kingpin who escaped an attempted sting, while another ladyboy drug dealer is in custody after being caught nearly 60 grams of crystal meth.Mr Theewa Saengwomen

The ladyboy, Mr Theewa Saengwomen, has been charged with possession of a category 1 drug with intent to sell without permission, after he was nabbed by police at a rented house on Soi Po Kui lane of Mae Luan Rd in Phuket Town Talad Neua neighborhood.

Acting on tip-off by an informant that Mr Theewa was selling Ya Ice (crystal meth) to neighborhood teens and “night workers”, drug suppression officers staged a sting to purchase B1,000 worth of meth from Mr Theewa.

As the deal was taking place, police moved in for the arrest.

A subsequent search of Mr Theewa’s rented room uncovered B145,000 in cash and more crystal meth, weighing a total of 58.48 grams, which police seized as evidence.

At B2,500 per gram (according to previous police reports), the drugs are valued at nearly B150,000.

In subsequent interrogations, Mr Theewa  told police that the drugs were supplied by a Mr Few (surname unknown), who was then lured in a new sting at a 7-11 sore in the Kuku neighborhood.

Staked out, police spotted a Toyota saloon thought park in front of the convenient store which was thought to belong to the suspect.

But when police moved in for an arrest, the suspect fled in a hurry, managing to avoid apprehension.

The operation is ongoing.








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