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Years of resentment and months of meth abuse combined into an “explosion” which led a 19 year-old to stab his stepmother to death in the kitchen of their home, and then escape on his pushbike, a court has been told.

Catalin Alin Borbil, 19, pleaded guilty to murdering Sally Kaur, 57, in the Koondoola home she shared with Borbil and his father John.

Her body was found by her husband in December 2013, lying in a pool of blood with 15 stab wounds to her chest, stomach and neck.a_051213genkoondoola4_1ae2snf-1ae2snj

At a sentencing hearing this morning, Justice Michael Corboy was told of Corbil’s deprived upbringing in his native Romania, and how when he arrived in Australia he was illiterate in English.

This led to problems in school, where he began taking mariijuana which escalated to methamphetamine use in his late teens.

He also resented his step-mother, who had married his father in 2010, which led to the deadly argument with Ms Kaur on December 5.

After being told to leave the house the night before, and taking a large amount of meth at a friend’s house, Borbil returned home in the morning to find his bags packed, and the doors locked.

After 20 minutes Borbil was let in by his stepmother, who told him “you’ve done enough trouble, you don’t belong here”.

As the argument continued in the kitchen, where Ms Kaur was chopping vegetables, Borbil was accidentally cut on the hand with the knife – which prompted his “frenzied attack”, the court was told.

After stabbing Ms Kaur more than a dozen times, Borbil took a Rolex watch from a safe in order to pay off a five-figure drug debt, before fleeing on his bike.

He was later arrested, and admitted to police he had continued his attack even as his stepmother lay dying. Prosecutors described his police interview as “chilling”.

Borbil will be sentenced next Monday.








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