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Jacky Hunt, director of the South Central Kentucky Drug Task Force (SCKDTF), gave a report during the Tuesday, Feb. 10th Logan County Fiscal Court meeting on how many cases the task force has been involved in over the past several months. Hunt was asked by First District Magistrate Dickie Carter for a breakdown of what the SCKDTF has been doing recently.

According to the retired state policeman, Hunt reported there were 639 criminal cases opened in 2014 by the drug task force, who is active in both Logan and Simpson Counties.

Hunt broke down some of those cases by amount and drug type. They are as follows:

  • 88 for drug paraphernalia
  • 117 marijuana
  • 2 anhydrous
  • 19 cocaine
  • 309 prescription drugs
  • 2 heroin
  • 43 other

Hunt reported that methamphetamine manufacturing was actually down in Logan County, however, crystal meth is showing up more and more and is most likely coming out of Mexico.

“Prescription drug abuse is the highest problem we have in the county at this time,” said Hunt. “We are seeing a lot of it.”

Hunt also warned of Heroin use saying it could take a short amount of time for it to become and issue here.

“We have seen an epidemic of Heroin in the northern part of the state and it happen literally overnight there,” Hunt advised adding people who were addicted to prescription drugs sometimes end up using Heroin if their pill supply runs out due to the way it makes them feel which is similar.

Hunt became the director of the SCKDTF Feb. 17th, 2014, after serving as assistant chief deputy of Simpson County. Hunt is also a retiree from the Kentucky State Police (KSP). He has 22 years experience in law enforcement with some of the toughest beats out there including: homicide, narcotics and organized crime. He spent the last 10 years with state’s DE-SI West, which is a special drug enforcement unit, covering 60 counties in Kentucky specializing in narcotics investigations.

The SCKDTF first became operational in the summer of 2004, at that time Butler County was part of the area covered along with Logan and Simpson counties and the cities of Franklin and Russellville. The force was designed to work deep inside the areas identified, acting upon strong leads and cooperatively battling illegal drug activity in South Central Kentucky. Some of the funding for operations comes from federal grant monies, and agents are loaned out from the local police forces.








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