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6782996_GMOORINGSPORT, LA (KSLA) – An alleged family drug operation lands a father, mother and their son in jail.  And narcotics agents credit a citizens tip for helping break the case.

Those agents with the Caddo-Shreveport Narcotics Unit arrested 61-year old Randy Colgin along with his 55-year old wife Beverly and 25-year old son Johnathan.  They’ve been booked into the Caddo Correctional Center on 1-count each of creation and operation of a clandestine laboratory.

Agents made the arrests on Tuesday, February 17, after searching a house in the 300-block of Greenwood Street in Mooringsport, a small village in northern Caddo Parish.6783025_G

“They had actually cooked before.  There wasn’t an actual meth lab there or any of the meth lab trash.  They found, agents found the items used to manufacture meth there,” said Lt. Carl Townley, the Caddo Drug Unit Commander.  Lt. Townley added that it appears the Colgin’s were getting ready to cook another batch.

“I’ve had a feeling for years,” said James Alexander.  He’s a retired Caddo Sheriff’s Office deputy who lives right next door to the alleged meth house.  In fact, Alexander said he was home when narcotics agents arrived on Tuesday.

Alexander recalled, “When all this come to a head the other night I was sitting here cleaning my bike and the ‘Jump Out Boys’ come here (laugh).  So, I figured that’s where they was going.”6782963_G

Alexander explained that agents first spoke outside with the husband and wife by their front gate.  From there, agents went into the home.  That’s where they reportedly spotted a computer.  On the screen they saw a recipe on how to make meth.

So, what exactly made the neighbor suspicious?  Alexander told us, “Different traffic in and out of there, you know.  And then, of course, a lot of times they get the pit bulls and stuff.  You think about that because a lot of times ppit bullsare involved in drug transactions.”

Lt. Townley described the Colgin’s meth operation as a “one pot shake-and-bake lab” which typically make enough meth for a few dozen doses.  He concluded that when it comes to meth the majority of users are also dealers, mostly just to keep their habit going.








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