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Brandy M. Couch, 31, of Thayer, was arrested on Friday, Feb. 13 by the Thayer Police Department for possession of methamphetamine.2293978-L

According to documents filed in Oregon County Circuit Court, Assistant Police Chief Jason Jennings observed two vehicles stopped on Highway 63 near the intersection of St. John Street. The vehicles appeared to be in distress, as their hazard lights were flashing. Jennings approached the vehicles and made contact with Couch, who was in the rear vehicle. Couch told officers that she was waiting for the occupant of the first vehicle, whom she identified as “Mark” to come back with a rope in order to tow her.

Jennings identified the vehicle from a previous encounter as one driven by Jamie Hutcherson of Thayer, who has several active warrants issued against him. The license plate on the disabled vehicle was issued to a different vehicle. Officers asked for consent to search the vehicle and Couch told them that they were welcome to do so.

Officer Brady Grinell, with the assistance of Foust, the Thayer K-9 unit, searched the vehicle and found a syringe in the glove box. Couch was taken into custody and asked if there were any more drugs or paraphernalia in the vehicle or on her person. She told officers that she had a baggie in her bra, which she removed and gave to police. The baggie contained a crystal like substance which was identified as methamphetamine.

“We’re just glad to get this amount of drugs off the streets,” Thayer Police Chief Daryl Childers said of the arrest.








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