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A 34-year-old man was sentenced Friday morning to 20 years in prison for child molesting, to be served after he completes an additional 10 years for dealing methamphetamine.fagan

Richard D. Fagan, of the 1900 block of Hoagland Avenue, pleaded guilty this month to a charge of child molesting, a Class A felony, one of 10 charges against him. As part of a plea agreement with prosecutors, the additional charges, which included child molesting, vicarious sexual gratification and intimidation, were dismissed Friday by Allen Superior Court Judge Fran Gull.

Gull sentenced him to a total of 23 years in prison on the child molesting charge, but ordered three years suspended and to be served on probation. She ordered the sentence to be served after a 10-year-sentence on a methamphetamine-dealing case.

The sexual abuse came to light when the children were placed in foster care and started therapy, according to court documents.

Those disclosures led to an investigation, and during a forensic interview, the children said their mother did drugs and “nasty stuff” and that Fagan did “very nasty stuff,” often in the presence of their mother.

Not only did Fagan molest the children, he also forced the children to perform sex acts on their mother as well as each other, according to court documents.

One of the children said that the abuse began when she was 5 years old and that Fagan told her not to tell anyone or they were all going to jail, according to court documents.








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