INDIAN LAND — A traffic stop in Indian Land led to a North Carolina woman’s arrest on alcohol and drug charges, including trafficking methamphetamine, according to a release issued Monday from the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office.570-fqTSA_AuSt_6

Narcotics officers were investigating drug activity last week when they noticed the woman driving with a flat tire on Barberville Road in Indian Land. Officers stopped her vehicle and smelled marijuana, the release states.

Officers searched the vehicle and discovered a small amount of meth, marijuana, prescription medication, an open bottle of liquor, scales and smoking pipes, the release states. The woman did not have a valid driver’s license.

At the Lancaster County Detention Center, a correctional officer discovered the woman was hiding a large amount of crystal meth.

Natalie Walters, 34, of Monroe, N.C., was charged with trafficking methamphetamine, simple possession of marijuana, possession of a schedule III narcotic, violation of ABC law, a driver’s license violation, and possession of drug paraphernalia, according to the release. Her bond was denied.









  1. Shannon says:

    This story is not correct on two points. 1. She was not driving on a flat tire she had barely left her driveway and the tire was not flat. Also her bond was not denied. She was given a bond and 30 days later she was given a bond reduction. She posted bail and bonded out the following day.