A northern Tasmanian man gave methamphetamine to five children before sexually abusing them, the Supreme Court in Hobart has been told.

The 38-year-old man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, previously pleaded guilty to five charges of maintaining a relationship with a young person, and one charge each of possessing and producing child exploitation material.

The court today heard the facts of the case and submissions in mitigation by the man’s lawyer.

Prosecutor Linda Mason told the court the man abused five children, including two of his daughters and his son, over a six-year period.

The children were aged between three and 14 years old and lived with the man, his fiancée and another woman who was the mother of two of the girls.

The two women also took part in the abuse and were sentenced in the Supreme Court last year.

All three adults were frequent users of methamphetamine and the sexual abuse occurred mainly when they were using drugs.

On several occasions the man administered methamphetamine to some of the children orally to keep them awake during the sexual activity.

The man threatened to kill or hurt the children if they told anyone about the abuse or refused to take part in sexual activity with him.

Several of the children told police they were “petrified” of the man and feared he would kill them.

The abuse was discovered when an associate of the man found a memory card with images and videos of the abuse and turned it in to police.

Ms Mason said the man was the “driving force behind the sexual conduct”, which constituted the worst offending of that type.

She said the abuse was a gross breach of parental trust and had a profound and continuing impact on the children.

The man’s lawyer, Evan Hughes, said the man had indicated he would plead guilty at an early stage, sparing the children further trauma.

He said the abuse was intertwined with the man’s drug use and he had little memory of it.

The man sat with his head down for most of the hearing, and occasionally held his head in his hands.

He also pleaded guilty to drugs and firearms charges and will be sentenced at a later date.












  1. Doc says:

    In some countries, he would get the death penalty – just for the meth!