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HARPERSFIELD TOWNSHIP — Two people were arrested Thursday in connection with a methamphetamine lab set up in a Harpersfield Township motel.

Acting on an anonymous tip that a Geneva man was operating a methamphetamine lab out of the Motel 6 along South Broadway Avenue, County sheriff’s deputy detectives Sean Ward and Taylor Cleveland investigated several rooms at the motel at about 9 a.m. Thursday.

One of the three rooms the man had rented was vacated and detectives found no evidence of drug activity.

In the second room, detectives discovered Jennifer L. Thomason, 34, of 3723 Woodside Drive, Geneva, and Michael D. Dixon, 29, of 488 Eastwood St. Apt. 43, Geneva, and two “one-pot” methamphetamine labs in plain view.

They also found a bottle of sulfuric acid, a bottle of Drano Crystals, a can of salt, three empty lighter fluid containers, a lithium battery and plastic tubing — all materials that can be used to manufacture methamphetamine. In addition, they discovered a trash bag from one of the other cleared rooms, which contained miscellaneous trash consistent with a methamphetamine lab, according to a sheriff’s report.

More methamphetamine lab equipment was discovered in the bed of Dixon’s truck, according to the report.

The man renting the rooms — who has previous drug charges — had not been charged in connection with this Motel 6 bust as of Friday.

As a fire precaution, deputies began evacuating the adjacent motel rooms as they prepared to clean up the potentially hazardous lab materials. Harpersfield Township Fire Department assisted on standby.

Detectives discovered associates of the man who rented the motel rooms — some of whom have previous drug charges — in one of the adjacent rooms. One of the occupants, Ryan J. Blake, 27, of 4534 Lake Road E. Lot 76, Geneva, was arrested on an active warrant by Geneva-on-the-Lake police.

The Motel 6 cleaning staff later discovered a digital scale and disposable baggies authorities believed were being used to package drugs in the third room, according to the sheriff’s report.

Detectives gave motel staff tips on identifying individuals who are renting motel rooms for drug activity and measures to “prevent this from happening in the future.”

Thomason and Dixon were arrested and transported to the county jail. Both face second-degree felony charges of possessing a controlled substance and third-degree felony charges of illegal assembly or possession of chemicals used to manufacture drugs.

Both are scheduled for arraignment before Western County Court Judge David Schroeder at 10:15 a.m. Tuesday.








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