A Pulaski County man accused of killing a kitten in September 2013 was arrested Thursday evening after telling his uncle in late February that he was going to kill the animal control official who worked on the case, a sheriff’s office report released Friday said.2015_03_12_pulaski-4871-15_

Matthew Jennings Maul, 34, was arrested at 8406 Ferndale Cutoff Road, Apartment B, on Thursday evening, according to the Pulaski County sheriff’s office. Maul was charged with second-degree terroristic threatening as well as one count of possession of methamphetamine and four counts of possession of drug paraphernalia.

According to the report, Maul’s uncle told authorities that when he dropped food off at Maul’s Ferndale Cutoff Road apartment on Feb. 26, Maul appeared “very agitated” and said he was going to drive to Wye Mountain and kill Tracy Roark, Little Rock’s animal services manager.

Maul also told his uncle that after killing Roark, he was going to “hunker” down at his apartment and shoot it out with police, the report said.

The uncle told the sheriff’s office that there were several shotgun shells and .45-caliber bullets on a table with “names on the rounds for people [Maul] planned on killing,” the report states. The uncle said there were no firearms visible.

Roark was made aware of the threats, and a sheriff’s deputy contacted Maul at his apartment Thursday, according to the sheriff’s office report.

Maul was wearing only boxers, and the deputy observed several lighters and small, empty baggies all around the living room floor and on a plate next to a torch lighter, the report states. Once the deputy entered the apartment, Maul “spontaneously uttered that he had methamphetamine inside an AXE body spray bottle,” the report said.

The deputy also observed several glass pipes around the apartment and ammunition on the kitchen counter and took Maul into custody, the report states. The deputy also located the body spray bottle with what was believed to be methamphetamine inside it, the report said.

Maul was transported to the Pulaski County jail, where he was being held Friday night in lieu of $7,500 bond.

Maul was arrested in October 2013 on one count of aggravated animal cruelty after a neighbor told authorities that she had seen a black kitten dead on Maul’s porch in September. On Sept. 9, 2013, the neighbor’s boyfriend reported seeing Maul throw the kitten’s body over a railing.

In August, an arrangement was negotiated by Maul’s defense attorney in which Maul would avoid a felony animal-cruelty conviction if he received mental health treatment, avoided having pets, submitted to random drug testing and avoided contact with the neighbor and Roark, among other conditions.













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