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KNOX TOWNSHIP, JEFFERSON COUNTY – Police say a local woman was smoking meth when she shot her husband, and she claims she thought he was an intruder.

Police charged Trista Zickefoose, 31, with Criminal Homicide. She called 911 and reported the crime just before midnight Monday morning. Zickefoose told police she and her husband Gregory, 40, had fought earlier in the evening and at some point she started smoking methamphetamine at their home on Markton Road in Knox Township, Jefferson County.

She said heard someone in the house and grabbed a 9mm pistol from underneath her pillow. Gregory allegedly saw her with the weapon and started walking towards her. She says she fired one warning shot and then another that killed Gregory.\

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Trista Zickefoose is now in the Jefferson County Jail.

State police say their investigation revealed the couple had been involved in a domestic dispute at the home in Knox Dale.

State police say Gregory saw her and began pursuing her to get the gun. Trista told police she fired one shot to warn the victim to leave her alone. Then he continued, and she fired a second shot.

Neighbors say there are at least two apartments in the building. They later spotted emergency vehicles.

“I saw some flashing lights and what not out back here and I was looking around and saw they were across the street and there was fire trucks and an ambulance,” says neighbor Nathan Britton.

“What woke me up was the flash of the cameras it was so bright and they were taking pictures over at this neighbor’s yard,” says neighbor Regina Sarvey. “I’ve seen them walking their dog and I’ve seen their little kids.”

“I heard a noise that sounded like a bang sometime around midnight or so but I can’t guarantee that that was anything to do with it. I mean, I was watching TV, getting ready to go to bed,” says neighbor Raymond Chappell. “I used to see her walk her little girl up and down the street.”

We saw a trooper unloading evidence from a forensic van at the Punxsutawney barracks this afternoon.








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