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Had the fictional TV show “Breaking Bad” been set in Illinois or another state in the Midwest, Walter White, aka Heisenberg, would have felt right at home.Season_2_promo_pic_4-800x449

No other region in the U.S. is more awash with clandestine methamphetamine labs than the heart of the Midwest; and in Illinois, the number of meth lab seizures by authorities ranks among the highest in the nation, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration. In 2013, Illinois trailed only Ohio, Missouri, Tennessee and Indiana for meth-related incidents.

The Illinois State Police has kept track of the number of meth lab busts since 1997. Note this data differs from federal figures because the DEA also includes the seizure of dumpsites, equipment, chemicals and glassware in its statistics. Over the past 10 years, 2006 was the first time there was a significant decrease in the number of meth labs seized, after it peaked at 973 in 2005. In 2009, the trend reversed and there was a sharp rise in lab seizures, reaching 753 in 2013.



To address the explosive growth of Illinois meth labs, the Legislature passed a law in 2006 that created a statewide registry of individuals who have been convicted of manufacturing meth. The database also includes counties where offenders were convicted, making it possible to see which counties have had the most meth lab seizures since June 2006.


Most Lab Seizures by Illinois County

While addicts can find the destructive drug pretty much anywhere in the state, those who manufacture meth in secretive, homemade labs typically are concentrated in more rural areas where there are fewer economic opportunities. Making meth might seem rewarding to some, but it’s also a deadly line of work. Faster and cheaper ways of cooking meth has led to an increase in explosions and burn cases, the victims of which often are uninsured, costing taxpayers billions each year in medical costs.

The New Hope Recovery Center notes the devastating effects it has on the human body.

The long term use of methamphetamine can have serious internal physical health consequences:

  • Weight loss
  • Severe dental problems: Meth Mouth
  • Permanent damage to blood vessels of heart and brain
  • High blood pressure leading to heart attacks, strokes and death
  • Liver and kidney damage
  • Destruction of tissues in nose if snorted
  • Respiratory problems and lung damage if smoked
  • Infectious diseases and abscesses if injected
  • Damage to the brain similar to Alzheimer’s disease
  • Convulsions
  • And of course there are the observable physical effects that have been shown in numerous mug shot comparisons:
  • sunken eyes
  • dark baggy eye lids
  • facial drooping, particularly the mouth and lower lips
  • pale skin
  • dark blue-black lips
  • wrinkles from skin losing elasticity
  • acne and sores








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