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PHUKET: — Four men were arrested over the weekend (March 21 and 22) when found in possession of drugs and ammunition, during a 24-hour anti-narcotics sweep led by Thalang District Chief, Veera Kerdsirimongkol.weekend Phuket Methamphetamine

A total of 34.55 grams of crystal methamphetamine (ya ice), was seized, along with 648 meth (ya bah) pills, a homemade pistol, 20 rounds of ammunition for an M16 assault rifle, a marijuana plant and more.

Narcotic suppression officials initially arrested arrested Phuriwat Najarn, 24, on Saturday evening, in possession of two thirds of a gram of ya ice at Baan Pon apartment in Srisoonthon.

Phuriwat then took them to another home in Moo 4, Koh Kaew, where they seized another 22.94 grams of crystal meth, 120 meth tablets a mobile phone and an account book detailing drug sales.

Officials questioned Phuriwat and the answers he gave led them to raid another home in Koh Kaew at 5am on Sunday. They arrested Suthisak Tortip, 29, in possession of 381 meth pills, 6.26 grams of crystal meth and a home-made 12-gauge handgun. They also seized his mobile phone and a book detailing drug sales.

Two and a half hours later Suthisak led them to the rented room, also in Koh Kaew, of Surat Kamchai, 39. He was found in possession of 147 meth pills and 4.74 grams of ice. They also seized his mobile phone.

Under questioning Surat gave up another name: Chithsorn Tanontiem. At 3pm officers raided his home – also in Koh Kaew – and found twenty 5.56mm bullets, as used in M16 assault rifles, along with a metre-high marijuana plant in a flowerpot.

Phuriwat, Surat and Suthisak were taken to Phuket City Police Station to be charged with possession of a Category 1 drug with intent to sell. Suthisak was also charged with illegal possession of a firearm.

Chithsorn was takent to Phuket City Police Station where he was charged with cultivating and possession of a Category 5 drug, and illegal possession of ammunition.

Phuriwat were taken to Thalang police station while the three men were taken to Phuket city police to be charged.









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