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Daniel Lionel Williams, 29, of 128 Stone Oak Lane in Greenwood was arrested late Monday afternoon by the Greenwood County Sheriff’s Office on charges of trafficking methamphetamine and possession of ephedrine in an altered state – first offense.DANIEL LIONEL WILLIAMS

Agents from the Greenwood County Drug Enforcement Unit used an anonymous tip and information about an ephedrine purchase on Monday to visit a manufactured home at 128 Stone Oak Lane in Greenwood. The white residence with front and back porches had wire and wooden fencing and is at the bottom of a hill at the end of a red clay road.

A man at the residence told agents a friend had produced methamphetamine there before and said some of its contents could still be found.

Found on the residence’s porches and inside two rooms was 1,080 grams of methamphetamine and its byproduct, along with 16 gassers and six one-pots used for producing the drug.DANIEL PERRY  INDEX-JOURNAL

The location proved a challenge for drug agents and firemen from Greenwood and the Highway 34 and Northwest volunteer fire departments because the fire engines could not proceed down the driveway. Equipment had to be moved from fire engines parked at the top of the road and carried by hand or transported in a truck to be set up in the front yard.

A shirtless man wearing handcuffs roamed around the scene talking to people before he left in a SUV driven by a sheriff’s office employee.

Greenwood County Drug EnforcementAgent Bryan Louis of the drug unit said the manufactured home’s interior was one of the worst he has ever seen in his work. He said there was feces filling up a toilet and also seen in a bath tub, trash throughout the interior and no electricity or water. Louis and Agent Robbie Byrd, also of the drug unit, wore air packs and masks provided by the firemen to search the residence because of the stench, which did not improve even with a front open window.

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