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Two women face misdemeanor charges after authorities say they exposed their four children to methamphetamine at a Fall Creek residence.Millen-Rebecca-032715-1

Jennifer A. Komp, 35, of Cameron, and Rebecca J. Millen, 26, 110 S. Liberty St., Fall Creek, are charged in Eau Claire County Court with three counts and one count — respectively — of child neglect.

Komp and Millen are free on $2,500 signature bonds and return to court May 7. As a condition of bond, neither woman can have contact with their children without the approval of the Eau Claire County Department of Human Services.

According to the criminal complaint:

On Feb. 25 authorities searched Millen’s residence in connection with a retail theft case. While inside the residence, authorities found marijuana and various types of drug paraphernalia commonly associated with methamphetamine use.

Social service officials were then contacted concerning Millen’s 10-year-old son and Komp’s four children, who range in age from 4 to 11. Komp and her children had been living in the Fall Creek residence at that time.Komp-Jennifer-032715

Komp admitted to using methamphetamine but denied that the methamphetamine authorities found in the kitchen and a bedroom of the home belonged to her.

Millen told police a lot of “drug stuff” was kept in her bedroom and that was the only location in the house where an individual would have the privacy to use drugs.

Millen’s son told police numerous people have come to the house and stayed for short periods of time. He also once witnessed his mother smoking something from a plastic pipe.

Komp’s 7-year-old son told police children were not allowed to play with or touch some items in the house. If a toy fell in a part of the house where he was not allowed to touch items, an adult had to retrieve it.

The boy said his mother, Millen and adults who visited went into a bedroom and locked the door. The boy said he was scared of these visitors.

Hair follicle tests showed Millen’s son and three of Komp’s children were exposed to methamphetamine at levels authorities felt exposed them to danger.

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