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Ubon Ratchathani:- A wife has filed a police complaint charging her husband for physical assault and citing her 13-year-old daughter’s video clip as evidence.

The wife said in the latest incident on Wednesday’s night, her husband severely beat her after hearing that she had no money to give him for buying illicit drugs.

Since the beating frequently happened between her mother and stepfather, the daughter said she wanted to help her mother.

She told police that she had used her mobile phone to record a short video clip of the beating so that there would be proof of the temperamental and violent-prone stepfather.

When police arrived at the scene, the husband refused to go to the police station and was subdued and handcuffed.

In his initial statement, he said he was not drug abuser and that he did not beat his wife.

Confronted by the stepdaughter’s clip, he changed his statement and admitted to using drugs and to the physical assault charges.

The wife told police that she and her husband have been living together recently.

When she allowed him to move into her family’s home, he was “nice”. She did not suspect that he was drug addict.

About a month ago, he began to get drunk frequently and to refuse to get any job, she said.

She said she suspected he took her money to buy methamphetamine, known as “yaa baa”.

In the last few weeks, he beat her no less than 10 times. He also hit at her daughter sometimes because she “got in the way”, she said.

Police have initiated legal proceedings against the husband and asked social workers to intervene and assist the mother and the daughter as victims of domestic violence.








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