Five people have been arrested and booked with making methamphetamine in a Marrero home, the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office said.

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Detectives arrested three women and two men after serving a search warrant at the residence, at 5019 Oak Drive, early Saturday morning (March 28). They recovered a notebook with a meth recipe as well as the finished product and a bottle with meth in the middle of the cooking process, arrest reports said.


Tammy Isabell, 32, of Marrero; Jodie Barrios, 45, and James Miller, 43, both of Harvey; and Christopher McCoy, 28, and Bethany Singletary, 33, both of Kenner,  were booked with creation of a clandestine lab for the manufacturing of illegal substances. Sheriff’s Office detectives arrested them after conducting surveillance at Isabell’s home, the arrest report said.

No details were available on what triggered the investigation. But detectives obtained a search warrant for the residence. While watching the double around 12:30 a.m. on Saturday, investigators spotted Barrios, Singletary, Miller and McCoy removing garbage bags from the house, the report said.

Detectives watched Miller toss one of the bags into a dumpster behind a nearby business. They retrieved the bag, which contained precursor materials used to cook meth, including tubes, 2-liter and 20-ounce bottles and pseudoephedrine, the report said. Investigators followed Miller to a nearby drug store and took him into custody.

Detectives arrested the other suspects as they loaded additional garbage bags into a vehicle. In those bags, detectives found more meth precursors, the report said. They located a bottle that was in the middle of the meth manufacturing process, the report said.

A search of the house turned and undisclosed amount of methamphetamine and other drug paraphernalia.

Neighbors were surprised to learn of the drug bust and arrests. “It was always very quiet,” neighbor Stacie Vicknair, 46, said. “You didn’t see a lot of traffic there.”

Neighbor Katherine Johnson, 24, had only recently seen the tenant for the first time about a month ago. But she, too, said things always seemed quiet at the residence.

Miller and Barrios, both of 417 St. Joseph Lane, in Harvey, and McCoy and Singletary, both of 915 Curtis Ave., in Kenner, were booked with obstruction of justice, drug possession with the intent to distribute and possession of drug paraphernalia, arrest reports said.

Barrios was also booked with drug possession and possession or distribution of drugs without a prescription after detectives found pills that tested positive for MDMA in a canister on her keychain, the arrest report said.

Barrios has a criminal record with several convictions in Jefferson Parish, including two counts of armed robbery, possession or distribution of drugs without a prescription and possession of marijuana, court records said.