Methamphetamine Affects Pets Too

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Indiana leads the nation in meth lab busts. As dangerous as these homes can be for people, pets found in meth labs can also suffer some serious consequences.

Finding pets in a meth home isn’t unusual. In fact, officers find animals in nearly 50% of all labs they bust.

Sgt. Joe Watts, with the Indiana State Police explained, “If the animals are outside and they’re not in the lab environment, we will release those animals to family members. If a lab is located in the home or in a garage or an out building and the animals are in there, then we’ll release those pets to the humane society.”

That’s exactly what happened to Iva. Iva was rescued from a meth home in January with two other dogs.

Fred Strohm, with the Terre Haute Humane Society said “Two of them had chemical burns on their bodies, presumably from the meth fumes.”

Physically, Iva was okay. But the dogs were agitated after being ripped from their homes.

“One of them was so wound up that he actually busted out of the kennel that we put him in,” said Strohm.

And unfortunately, one of the dogs was so aggressive, she had to be put down.

“That may have been a side effect of the chemicals,” said Strohm. “We don’t always know what they’re going to do, how they’re going to react.”

Iva and the other dog, Buddy, were much luckier.

“Iva, when she got in here and we got to know her, she was the sweetest dog,” he said.

And if Iva was the sweetheart, Buddy was the goofball.

Strohm said, “He actually had a little plastic hammer that he would carry around all the time. That was his toy, that was his thing. It was always in his mouth every time you saw him.”

Buddy has since found his forever home. Iva is still at the humane society. But the shelter says her situation could have been much worse.

“She was in a bad situation where she was exposed to those chemicals and could have become addicted at minimum… Now she’s here. We’ve got her fully vetted. She’s ready for adoption and could go to her forever home,” said Strohm.

Meth home pets can also face other road blocks besides health issues. They might be considered evidence in a case. The animals can’t be put up for adoption, until the courts say so.

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