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EMINENCE, Mo. –  A woman is unconscious after being shot in the head at close range at her home near Winona early Wednesday.  Her husband is charged with trying to kill her after they argued while high on methamphetamine about whether she could leave the house to meet a friend about midnight.   Children were in the home at the time of the shooting.WILLIAMS--JIMMY

Jimmy D. Williams, 53, is charged with first-degree assault and armed criminal action.   He’s in the Shannon County jail with no bond.  Mandy Williams is in a hospital.

The Shannon County Sheriff’s Department learned about the shooting about 12:30 a.m.  The Williamses’ home is about five miles south of Winona.   Winona police officers helped sheriff’s deputies at the scene. The probable cause statement against Williams says he told a deputy that he argued with his wife after she “had been talking on her cell phone to a guy . . . and was making plans on leaving.”  Mandy Williams was trying to get another man in the home, Brian Rossell, to give her a ride to meet her friend.   Rossell told the deputy that Mandy Williams said she wanted to go meet a woman, not a man.

Williams told the deputy, according to the probable cause statement, that he thought his wife was going to leave through a window.  He said he thought he heard someone outside, so he loaded a rifle and went outside and shot in the air to scare off the intruder.

When Williams went back in the house, he loaded his .45-caliber pistol.  He told the deputy that he went in the bedroom and the pistol accidentally fired, hitting Mandy Williams in the head, according to the probable cause statement.

Rossell told the deputy that the shooting was not accidental.  He said, according to the probable cause statement, that he saw Williams raise the pistol and shoot his wife.

The deputy found a Ruger .45-caliber revolver under the bed.  He wrote that it “was covered in blood and had only been loaded in one chamber.  The only primer on the cylinder had been spent.  None of the other chambers had been loaded.  That was found in Jimmy’s bedroom, beside the bed.”

Rossell told investigators that the Williamses had been getting high all evening on meth.   After he heard them arguing, Rossell said, Mandy asked him for a ride.   He said Jimmy accused her “talking to a guy on her phone.  She stated that it was a female friend, not a guy.”

Rossell said Mandy went to the bedroom to lie down “in an attempt to calm everything down,” according to the probable cause statement.   Jimmy went outside and fired his rifle, while Rossell said “sat down in the living room with the children while they were playing video games.”

Jimmy returned to the house, went in the bedroom, and came out carrying his pistol.  Rossell said he told Jimmy to calm down before someone got hurt.  He said Jimmy then “walked down the hallway, opened the door to Mandy’s room, and raised the pistol and shot Mandy.”

Rossell said Jimmy started screaming after the gun fired.  He said he tried to keep the children out of the hallway but they ran by him and saw Mandy lying on the bed.  The probable cause statement doesn’t tell the ages of the children or their relationship to the couple.

Williams could face a prison sentence up to 30 years (life) if he’s convicted of first-degree assault, plus three years or more for armed criminal action.

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