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A Los Lunas woman is behind bars, charged with trying to kill her boyfriend in Peralta.

Lorraine Otero, 46, was arrested last week after her boyfriend, Ruben Juarez, reported she had fired several rounds at him after an argument and stealing his truck.OteroLorraine-199x300

Bosque Farms Police Lt. Andrew Owen said officers were called to a domestic dispute at 16 Don Jacobo just after 5 p.m. on Wednesday, April 1. The dispatcher told the officers while taking the call, a “scuffle could be heard in the background and the line went dead” and the caller couldn’t be contacted after numerous attempts.

When officers arrived, Otero told them everything was “fine” and denied anything happened. When the officers spoke with Juarez, he told them Otero had become angry with him and began punching and scratching him. Lt. Owen said the argument was over another woman.

“They had been intimate and Mr. Juarez was not committing to Ms. Otero, so evidently, (she) did not feel the same way,” Owen said.

Juarez told the officers after the argument, Otero took his truck keys from him and stole his pickup truck, driving it off the property without his permission, Owen said. She returned a short time later driving her own vehicle recklessly into Juarez’s gravel driveway, doing doughnuts.

Owen said Otero then got out of the vehicle and began pointing and shooting her rifle towards him, yelling she was going to kill him. She fired numerous shots while he attempted to get to cover and safety, going through a door and into the garage.

Another man on the property was standing next to Juarez and began running, hiding in the corner of the garage.

Officers found one casing on the ground and a rifle on the back seat of her vehicle. They also discovered a methamphetamine pipe in the console.

“The vehicle smelled of recent methamphetamine use,” Owen said. “The vehicle was sealed until a search warrant could be obtained.”

Along with several other casings, officers found the impact point from a rifle bullet located in the garage door where Juarez had attempted to hide. The bullet went through the door and impacted a stop sign, which was hanging on the inside of the door. The bullet never exited the sign, Owen said.

Juarez was literally within inches of being shot in the head.

The Bosque Farms lieutenant said medical personnel arrived and checked everyone on scene; none of whom required transportation to the hospital. Juarez did suffer from significant facial, neck and shoulder injuries and a possible broken nose.

When Officer Paul Linson interviewed Otero, she admitted to the shooting and stealing Juarez’s truck and provided directions to the location of the vehicle. Otero stated she hid his truck keys in the frame of her truck.

Otero is charged with attempted murder, a second-degree felony; aggravated battery on household member, negligent use of a firearm, unlawful taking of a motor vehicle, tampering with evidence and aggravated assault.

Otero is being held at the Valencia County Detention Center in Los Lunas on a $150,000 cash-only bond for these charges, and $25,000 cash-only bond in a separate case.








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