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Jefferson Parish authorities investigating the manufacture of crystal methamphetamine on the West Bank have arrested two more suspects. Ronald Guidry Jr., 41, and Tiffany Stokes, 37, both of Westwego, join six other suspects who have been taken into custody, according to arrest reports.17483570-mmmain

Sheriff’s Office detectives arrested Guidry and Stokes on Wednesday (April 7) while following up on a March 28 meth bust at a residence at 5019 Oak Drive in Marrero. They are accused of buying pseudoephedrine for the accused meth cook, Jodie Barrios, 45, of Harvey, an arrest report said.

Since 2005, Louisiana has restricted and tracked the sale of the cold medications ephedrine and pseudoephedrine, both used to make meth. Detectives learned that Guidry bought pseudoephedrine about 30 minutes before he arrived at the Oak Drive house on the day before narcotics detectives raided the place, arrest reports said.

Barrios is accused of using the cold medications to make small batches of meth following the one-pot “shake and bake” method. Law enforcement officials say industrious cooks try to avoid detection by recruiting several people to buy the necessary ingredients.

During questioning, Guidry and Stokes both admitted buying pseudoephedrine for Barrios, the arrest report said. Guidry told detectives he knew what she was doing with the cold medication, while Stokes said she only suspected.

Detectives booked Guidry and Stokes with creating a clandestine lab. Both were still being held Saturday at the parish jail under $50,000 bonds.

The other suspects arrested during the investigation are Bertrum Daigle, 38, of Gretna, Tammy Isabell, 32, of Marrero, James Miller, 43, of Harvey and Christopher McCoy, 28, and Bethany Singletary, 33, both of Kenner.

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