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NEWTON, Iowa —An Iowa woman was arrested and charged after a 1-year-old child tested five times higher for meth than she did, according to court records.lrhwp0d9q78g2o2238ojtslkzt966rg

Now, police are crediting an apartment property manager and neighbors for sounding the alarm when they spotted a potentially dangerous environment for the baby.

Newton police issued an arrest warrant for 22-year-old Vanessa Trotter on March 27. Two weeks later, a detective pulled her over on an outer road along Highway 14 near I-80.

Police discovered a makeshift pipe inside her car.

Stephanie Jones lives next door to Trotter and said it was difficult to keep her three kids sheltered from the late-night activity.

“You never knew what you were going to walk up the stairs to,” she said.

The suspicious activity got so bad here, the apartment manager called the Iowa Department of Human Services months ago.jtjlixft7kaqbfncf5slfq09t62gbhf

According to court documents obtained by KCCI, the 1-year-old boy Trotter was caring for tested positive for meth.

In fact, his results hit five times higher than Trotter’s.

Newton Police Interim Chief Rob Burdess called the case disturbing and is crediting the property manager and neighbors for saving the child.

“Oftentimes, it is the neighbors and the family members and the property managers that see that type of activity because law enforcement is not in the complex 24/7,” Burdess said.

“I think that the kid has a better chance now of having a good life. It was really, really despicable what they did. That child should not have been subjected to that at all,” Jones said.

Neighbors and the property manager told KCCI Trotter is the child’s mother, but police could not confirm Monday night.

Newton police have also arrested Trotter’s boyfriend, 27-year-old Cody Sanders, for child endangerment.

NEWTON, Iowa — Newton police have arrested a 22-year-old woman and her boyfriend after a toddler tested positive for methamphetamine.

Court documents say test results for the 1-year-old boy who the woman cared for showed he had five times more meth in his system than the woman did.

KCCI-TV reports the woman’s 27-year-old boyfriend was arrested for child endangerment.

The Newton interim police chief says he credits neighbors and an apartment property manager for alerting authorities to the child’s welfare.–Child-Endangerment-Arrests/

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