EVERY day there is a story somewhere in our country of how ice is ruining lives, destroying families and hurting 972156-5b9d56ca-e5c4-11e4-b722-cf4cf8a3a293communities.

In recent years the creep of ice use has stretched across the nation with people from all walks of life succumbing to its depravity.

The prevalence, addictiveness and the reach of this drug means some of you reading this are likely to know someone who is abusing it.


Federal Justice Minister Michael Keenan

Many of you have already witnessed the psychosis and long-term psychological issues ice causes.

You’ve seen or heard about the violence, at home, on the streets, in our hospital emergency rooms, on the roads, even random attacks on innocent bystanders.

All of this is happening because Australia has one of the most lucrative markets for ice in the world.

Ice users pay top dollar to cook their brains and criminals from all over the globe are sending their ice to our country to profit while our neighbourhoods suffer from the misery and havoc it wreaks.

Our population’s growing addiction to this mind-eating, personality-distorting, life-ending drug is paying big dividends to crooks and they are using it to invest in further criminal activities.

Such an example is straight from Australian Crime Commission intelligence that reports outlaw motorcycle gangs have moved into regional and remote areas trafficking large quantities of ice by having young people hooked and then forcing them to distribute the drug more widely for even greater profit.

This is no secret in WA.

When we came to Government we introduced the National Anti-Gang Squad and established a strike team in WA.

Federal police and state police work side-by-side in this team to undermine the business models of crooks trying to exploit cross-border vulnerabilities and traffic ice to every corner of the country.

We’ve seen huge border detections, national seizures and arrests which demonstrate our collective efforts to combat supply, but we simply can’t arrest our way out of this problem.

The Australian Crime Commission says the scourge is only going to get worse unless we take action.

That’s why the Prime Minister has announced a National Ice Taskforce led by former Victorian police commissioner Ken Lay APM, to examine all existing efforts to address ice and identify new ways to make them work better.

The fight against ice has to come from everyone – governments, law enforcement agencies, health, education, industry, non-government organizations, community leaders, parents, colleagues, teachers, peers – and, of course, the addicts themselves.

We’re going to find out what works and what needs more work and we’re going to cripple the criminal networks that feed this national harm.

— Michael Keenan is the Federal Minister for Justice and Member for Stirling in WA


  1. Jake Kelton says:

    Hello Nick,

    Yah know what?​ I get a very strong inner sense that they don’t really give a damn. Nice political platform speeches but never any plausible funds or programs. Every time I have called these folks, which I do not anymore, when I read their rhetoric; they don’t give me the time of day. This will sound very course but honestly, “Fuck’em” I hope a tweaker murders one of their loved ones. Then, and only then will they think about doing something. Sorry so negative…sitting here with my third bout of pneumonia in 4 years thanks to the wonderful training and equipment, the PA State Police equip people with.

    Again sorry to sound so down. How are you Nick. I really admire you big guy. Every class I teach starts out with, “Please take down the following web address and subscribe…” I hope you are well buddy and have happy plans for the summertime.

    Take care

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  2. Doc says:

    So sorry to hear about your health my friend. That really sucks!! I know what you mean too – it is so hard to get anyone to pay attention. But I am not about to give up. I have almost 11,500 different posts here, plus my column. I refuse to stop until someone pays attention.

    Thank you so much for your support Jake! That REALLY means a lot to me!