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When police officers in California stopped a driver for a minor traffic infraction, they never expected it would lead to a drug bust where illegal guns were also found.11188182_1051936248155341_8325002516318375047_n

The traffic stop by Richmond police developed more when the driver was found to be unlicensed. Upon impounding and searching the car, detectives, “much to their surprise,” found a pound of methamphetamine in a sandwich bag that was hidden in an orange safety vest. In its news release, the police station valued the drugs at $45,000. The driver was searched and found to have nearly $1,300 in cash on him.

But it didn’t end there. The department called upon narcotics detective Mauricio Canelo, who obtained a search warrant for the suspect’s home where more drugs and illegal firearms were found.

“RPD K-9 Officer Caine responded with his partner Ranger and searched a Honda that was parked at the residence. With Ranger’s powerful nose, they located more drugs,” the department said. “This time, it was all hidden under the top portion of the dashboard of the car. Detective Canelo recovered 3 1/2 pounds of methamphetamine, street value of $157,500, and 3 ounces of heroin, street value of $8,500, all under the dashboard.”

The detective also found AK-47 ammunition, a 9mm pistol with its serial number removed and an unregistered .380 caliber pistol.10451892_1051936258155340_5154211855197534246_n

“The department is proud of the tenacity that each of the involved detectives possess and also how they all worked collaboratively as a winning team,” the department said. “Because of their good work and Ranger’s good sniffing nose, the RPD team recovered over $200K worth of illegal drugs! GREAT job detectives!”

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