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A Butte district judge told a 26-year-old woman using methamphetamine since she was a teen that she was on a dead-end road at her sentencing Thursday.

Jeri Phillips received a two-year sentence with the Department of Corrections with a recommendation for placement in a drug-treatment facility followed by pre-release after care.

Judge Brad Newman ruled Phillips had violated the terms and conditions of her probation and revoked her previously suspended sentence for the criminal possession of dangerous drugs.

State Probation and Parole Officer Charlie Martin testified Phillips had done poorly, was terminated from her place of employment and had possessed meth and marijuana. He cited her “continuous use of meth” and a custody case involving her children as indicators Phillips needed to take care of herself to help her to care for her family.

“Our goal is to keep her out of prison,” Martin said. “She needs a treatment program.”

Newman said he shared Martin’s concerns, adding a sentence without drug treatment “doesn’t do anybody good.” Phillips would return to the community with the same issues, he said.

“Ms. Phillips, you haven’t hurt anyone other than yourself. … You haven’t left any victims in your wake. You’re on a dead-end road,” Newman said, adding the sentence would give her at least one more chance to be reunited with her children.

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