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DEFIANCE, Ohio – The (MAN) is asking northwest Ohio citizens to be aware of possible methamphetamine lab dump sites along roadways.meth%20mgn

Individuals who manufacture methamphetamine often dispose of the cooking vessels and gas generators along roadways to avoid detection, posing explosion, fire and inhalation dangers to travelers and those picking up debris.

The MAN Unit requests citizens and organizations that pick up roadway debris use caution. Grabbers, chemical resistant gloves and fire resistant gloves should be used. Use adult supervision and educate the youth on what to look for. Those items include any bottle containing white granular substances with dark or metallic pieces mixed in. Also, any bottle with a rubber hose attached to the cap or with a lid that has a hole drilled in it with salt like substances inside.

The MAN Unit seized 95 meth labs in Williams, Defiance, Fulton, Henry and Putnam Counties in 2014.

If these bottles are located, contact your local law enforcement agency. You can also contact the MAN Unit at 419-782-8709.

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