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KALISPELL – The toxins in meth make it deadly, but it’s the addictive properties that can cause some addicts to ignore the risks.

Risks that can include damage to internal organs, increased risk for heart attack, seizure and damage to just about every part of the brain.7599733_G

Neurologist Dr. Bret Lindsey says what looks like holes in the 3D brain scan on the right are essentially dead spots due to repeated meth use.

“When people do methamphetamine an extraordinary amount of dopamine is liberated by the neurons or brain cells and that gives people a feeling of euphoria, the high that people describe and so that’s really what gets people in trouble,” Dr. Lindsey with Glacier Neuroscience and Spine said.

Dopamine is the chemical that allows us to feel joy and in normal doses it’s great.

But meth causes such a high concentration to be released that the brain’s ability to create more and process it is severely damaged.

Dr. Lindsey described it like this, you eat a cupcake and it makes you feel great and the next time you have five but it’s not the same.

All of a sudden you’re eating 10…15…20 cupcakes a day but never able to duplicate that first experience.

Each time an addict ups the dose they are causing further damage to their body.

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