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Chattanooga agents have arrested an Atlanta man who admitted to selling at least 3,650 pounds of ice methamphetamine in the past two years.

Also, agents arrested a man identified as a major drug dealer at Cleveland, Tn.

Jose Osorio Garcia and Sergio Pineda appeared in Chattanooga Federal Court as well as Shontavis Morgan, a driver for Garcia.

Agents said on April 8 they found a person in possession of approximately 12 ounces of suspected ice methamphetamine at a Chattanooga motel. That person led them to another local man, who was found to have approximately 873 grams of suspected ice meth.

The two people agreed to work with agents seeking to find their sources of supply.

Agents learned that the first person had made trips to the Atlanta area purchasing large quantities of ice meth from a young Hispanic male known as “Socio” (later identified as Jose Osorio Garcia. He said Osorio has tattoos on both arms. The informant told of purchasing one-half pound to kilogram quantities of ice meth from Osorio and averaged purchasing one to two pounds of ice meth per week for a one-year period from Osorio.

The informant admitted to agents to typically dividing the ice meth purchased from Osorio with the second person.

At the request of law enforcement agents, the first informant contacted Osorio and arranged to meet him at the La Quinta Inn on Shallowford Road in Chattanooga so that Osorio could deliver 17 ounces of ice methamphetamine later that evening. Osorio said that he would be utilizing a driver to drive him from the Atlanta area and would be arriving in Chattanooga.

The informant continued communications with Osorio while he was traveling to Chattanooga. These communications were recorded.

Surveillance was established on the La Quinta Inn by agents awaiting the arrival of Osorio and the unidentified driver (later identified as Shontavis Morgan).

Agents observed Osorio and Morgan riding in a silver sedan leaving a nearby Cracker Barrel traveling toward the La Quinta Inn. The informant then informed Osorio to come to room #126 and requested him to knock on the door.

Surveillance agents observed Osorio exit the passenger side of the silver car with a white back pack in his hands. Agents approached Osorio and he immediately dropped the back pack and walked back toward the vehicle. Agents placed Osorio and Morgan, the driver, into custody.

A search of the back pack dropped by Osorio revealed 18 individually wrapped baggies of suspected ice meth weighing approximately one ounce each.

A search of the vehicle resulted in the location of a loaded 10 mm semi-automatic pistol under the driver’s front seat.

Osorio admitted transporting the seized ice meth from Atlanta to Chattanooga for the purpose of selling it to the informant.

Osorio also “admitted to selling five pounds of ice meth per day including weekends for at least the past two years. Conservatively, Osorio admitted to selling at least 3,650 pounds of ice meth in the past two years. Osorio also admitted that he told Morgan he would pay Morgan $300-$400 to drive him to Chattanooga. Osorio also admitted that he had touched the firearm located under the seat earlier in the day in Atlanta when someone tried to sell it to him for $600. Osorio stated that he declined to purchase the firearm and did not know how it got in the vehicle. Osorio admitted that he has a criminal history out of the state of Georgia for weapons and narcotics-related charges. As of this time, agents have not been able to locate criminal history information for Osorio under the name and identifiers he provided.”

Morgan stated that he was going to be paid $300-$400 by Osorio for driving him to Chattanooga. Morgan said he believed he was driving Osorio to Chattanooga to do something illegal and that he knew Osorio was carrying a backpack when he picked him up in Atlanta. Morgan admitted that he thought Osorio was probably involved in a drug deal.

When they arrived at the La Quinta Inn, Morgan said that Osorio handed Morgan the firearm when Osorio exited the vehicle. Morgan admitted placing the firearm under the front seat of the vehicle while he remained in the driver’s seat. Morgan informed interviewing agents that he is a convicted felon for narcotics-related charges. Morgan has a felony conviction out of Mississippi for narcotics-related offenses.

Authorities were told that an individual known as ”Sergio” (later determined to be Sergio Pineda) who lives in the Cleveland, Tn., area as a large-scale ice meth source of supply.

Agents had previously obtained information about a drug trafficker named Sergio Pineda operating in Cleveland, Tn.

An informant told of purchasing ounce quantities of ice meth from Pineda and working up to purchasing pound quantities of ice meth from Pineda.

Agents used an informant to communicate with Pineda via text messages and arranged a delivery of ice meth for the agents. Pineda agreed to meet at the Wal-Mart in Ooltewah to conduct an ice meth transaction.

Officers of the Bradley County Sheriff’s Department established surveillance on a residence known to be associated with Pineda at 407 Kirby Drive SE in Cleveland and observed a vehicle known to be driven by him (a silver Dodge Ram) leave the location. The vehicle was followed by surveillance agents from the residence to the Wal-Mart in Ooltewah without making any stops.

After the vehicle arrived, agents approached it and took Pineda into custody. In searching the vehicle, agents discovered a plastic storage container which contained suspect ice meth weighing over one kilogram.

Pineda refused to make any statements without a lawyer present.

A state search warrant was obtained for 407 Kirby Drive SE, Cleveland. The search resulted in the seizure of two unloaded pistols, a shotgun, and white powder believed to be cocaine weighing approximately 1.07 grams.

Pineda has a federal conviction by DEA for conspiracy to distribute cocaine in 2002.

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