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TOO many in our community have a deep understanding of the letter written by the mother of a young ice user today published in the Bendigo Advertiser.

Few of those familiar with the journey of an ice user can read the following words without feeling her pain:

“I’d hold her hand or watch her sleep for days at a time, feeding her because I knew if I didn’t, she could fade away. Or should I say, I was fading away.”

Ice is dividing and destroying families. Those trying to support loved ones addicted to methamphetamine are torn between love and compassion, hurt and anger.

They have seen the darkest sides of their sons, daughters, parents, siblings and friends. The lies, deceit, violence and desperation. And they have seen their pain.

The road to recovery is long and difficult, for users and those supporting them. It’s difficult to know where to turn for help, and can be isolating.

Ice has gripped our community and the effects are increasingly being felt. It is robbing too many of healthy lives, and too many families of any sense of stability. It is pushing our crime rate up and impacting broadly on our community.

Figures recently released by Victoria’s Crime Statistics Agency revealed Bendigo is well above the state average for drug offences.

A report by the Australian Crime Commission named crystal methylamphetamine as the drug that posed “the highest risk to the Australian community”.

Helen has bravely told her story because she wants others to know they’re not alone. Her daughter’s habit consumed her and she is aware there many, many others in the same position.

We owe it to Helen and the many others affected by this drug to find a way to break the scourge of ice on our towns.

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