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ATLANTA — DEA Agents and Atlanta police raided a house in southwest Atlanta Tuesday night and seized over $8 million in illegal drugs, including methamphetamine and dozens of kilos of pure brown Mexican heroin packaged as candy. DSC00777

 “When we see this kind of packaging, it’s a great concern to us because obviously candy is appealing to young and small children, and that’s a concern. Now do I believe this specifically was going to children in Atlanta? I don’t. I do believe they were concealing it to bring it into the U.S. as such,” said DEA Special Agent-in-Charge Dan Salter. DSC00780

Channel 2’s Tom Regan was there as investigators laid out the heroin packaged in 14 candy boxes each weighing one kilo. In all, agents seized 14 kilos of heroin and 50 kilos of meth.

Investigators told Regan that drug cartels south of the border are increasingly smuggling meth in liquid form and later converting it into crystal form.

 “It can come in a gas can. It can come in vehicles. It’s concealed a lot of times as beer,” Salter told Regan.

The DEA said metro Atlanta has become a major distribution hub for Mexican drug cartels and heroin seizures at the border have risen 70 percent in the last two years.

 “With the prescription drug abuse problem in the U.S., you’re seeing more people exposed to heroin,” Salter said.

Police arrested one man during the raid and expect to make additional arrests.

 “This is the second meth lab we’ve been able to take down in the past six weeks, and it’s through the partnerships with federal agents we’ve been able to do this,” Atlanta Assistant Police Chief Shawn Jones told Regan.

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