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A Greenwood woman was charged with possession of a controlled substance after a traffic stop that resulted in the discovery of methamphetamine, according to the Marianna Police Department.

Amy Boggs, 31, was pulled over on Caledonia Street around 3 p.m. Wednesday because she reportedly failed to yield the right of way to another vehicle and because the windshield was cracked on the silver Mitsubishi she was driving, police say.554bd59062105_image

During the traffic stop, officers obtained consent to search the car.

Once Boggs got out of the vehicle, police say, officers noticed that she was holding her clothing in the area of her waist. When questioned about why she was doing so, Boggs reportedly then “produced a plastic bag which contained a plastic bottle cap which had a small amount of methamphetamine which was soaked into a small piece of cotton,” the release states. “Officers also located a plastic container which contained a liquid substance which also tested positive for methamphetamine,” it continued.

Boggs was arrested on the above charge and taken to the MPD for processing and then to the Jackson County jail to await her first court appearance on the charge.

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