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FORREST CITY, AR ( – A Forrest City mother and father have been charged in the death of their 11-week-old daughter.

The St. Francis County coroner determined that 11-week-old Luceilla Bokker died from a meth overdose.Sara Kiser and Douglas Bokker

Her parents, 37-year-old Sara Kiser and 35-year-old Douglas Bokker, were arrested yesterday.

It happened in 100 block of Heights Street in Forrest City Arkansas, that’s 47 miles away from Memphis.

The couple is locked up at the St. Francis County Jail with bond set at $250,000 each.

“It was a nice neighborhood. It was a shock to hear it,” said neighbor Gloria Hill.

Hill has lived here for four years and she remembers seeing a lot more activity in front of the home on November 30th.

“Why is there an ambulance by the house? They said, well, the baby died. And I said, what baby? And she said, you know, the girl had a baby. And i said, I didn’t even know she was pregnant,” recalled Hill.

Police say Sara Kiser and Douglas Bokker were staying here at their daughter’s grandparents house.

They told police they fed Lucy and then went to the bed.

Bokker told police that he went to Lucy’s bedroom and told Kiser that she stopped breathing.

Hill thought something else took the life of this infant.

“I just assumed the baby died of SIDS, so I heard the mother was devastated,”

But the coroner determined it was a meth overdose.

They arrested Kiser at their home and Bokker at work.

It was a twist in the story that Hill didn’t see coming.

“That’s just something I could never ever get over, losing a child. I don’t think any parent does, especially if you had any part of it,” said Hill.

We dug into their past and found that Bokker has been arrested before on drug charges before.

The couple is expected back in court in June.

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