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Approximately 112 items associated with a “shake-and-bake” style production of methamphetamine were found in an abandoned home in a rural resort on the Elk River/Cowskin branch of Grand Lake.

On Thursday, May 14, members of the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office, along with agents from the Tulsa office of the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics, seized the items from a mobile home in the King Point Resort on East 254 Road, north of Grove.55557e5e60c6c_image

Delaware County Sheriff’s Deputy Garrick Walker said authorities learned about the lab early Thursday morning after a tip came in regarding drug related items had been found inside a trailer at 64562 East 254 Loop, Grove.

The items were discovered when a person hired by the property owner went to prepare the residence to be rented new tenants.

Walker said the property owner indicated the previous renters, who have reportedly moved out of state, abandoned the home at least six weeks ago after not paying rent for at least six months.

Deputies located the residence by noon on Thursday and began to work to contain it, for the safety of the residents living within the resort, Walker said.


Members of the Delaware County Sheriff’s Criminal Investigation Division were called to the scene after deputies determined items found in the home were in fact associated with the production of meth.

Delaware County Sheriff Harlan Moore said detectives requested the help from OBN agents in order to neutralize the drug-related materials found within the home.

During the search, law enforcement personnel uncovered 112 “reaction vessels and HCL generators” or the foundation of what is commonly known as a “shake-and-bake” meth lab.

The items filled six five-gallon disposals buckets, which were then taken to the OBN drop-site in Vinita by OBN agents for disposal.

Officials on the scene described the mobile as being filled with trash, fecal matter and other debris in addition to items associated with the production of meth.

Walker said detectives searching the residence found what appeared to be the remains of three dogs, as well as items associated with children living in the home.

Law enforcement personnel going into the residence were observed at times using breathing apparatuses to combat the fumes left in the home by the chemicals commonly associated with the production of methamphetamine.

OBN agents estimated the trailer appeared to have been used as a meth lab for an extensive amount of time, possibly for up to a year, due to the amount of rust and corrosion to the metal most likely caused by the acid used during the production of the drugs.

Officials on the scene said the damage to the home caused by the drug production would most likely require a cleaning by a licensed hazmat team before the property could be inhabited again, due to the toxic nature and extensive amounts of chemicals which remains in the home.

By 8 p.m. Thursday, members of the Delaware County Sheriff’s office had released the scene back to the homeowner.

The investigation into meth lab is ongoing and has been turned over to detectives within the Delaware County Sheriff’s Criminal Investigation’s Division.

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