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COOKEVILLE — His laundry may have been clean, but his vehicle apparently wasn’t.

A Buffalo Valley man was cited for drug possession this week after authorities found him passed out in a pickup truck in front of a local laundromat.

Christopher D. Huddleston, of Rock Springs Road, was issued a citation for simple possession after a search of his vehicle turned up several pills and a small amount of a crystal substance police believed to be methamphetamine.

Officer Jimmy Blankenship, who responded to the incident, says in a report, “The complainant said that the subject had been parked there and passed out for several hours.”

The officer said that when he arrived on the scene, he attempted to rouse the slumbering man by pecking on the truck window with his flashlight.

“The subject woke up very quickly and began to make furtive movements towards the console of the truck and between his legs,” the officer reports.

Suspicious that the man could be reaching for a weapon, the officer said he asked the man to step out of the vehicle.

After the subject identified himself as Huddleston, he told the officer that “he was just tired from a long day of fighting with his girlfriend.”

Officer Blankenship says in his report that Huddleston appeared to be “jittery and nervous.”

He asked Huddleston for permission to search the interior of his vehicle, and Huddleston consented.

In the console, the officer says he found the crystal substance he believed to be methamphetamine and a small box that contained some pills.

The substance field tested positive for methamphetamine, the officer’s report says.

Officer Blankenship seized the drugs as evidence and issued Huddleston a citation for simple possession.

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