ANDERSON COUNTY, S.C. – Police discovered a meth lab strapped to a moped after they tried to make a traffic stop Saturday night. It happened on Railroad Street near Hindman St. in West Pelzer.7871108_G

Upstate Drug Enforcement say these types of mobile meth labs could be going undetected on South Carolina roads.

“In my mind I would think of [them in] a shack or something really creepy,” said Will Black. “I heard they explode. That scares me.”

Boats, cars and now, a moped are all places drug enforcement says working meth labs have been found before. Because of the flammable chemicals used to make the drug, officers say it’s very dangerous to have on our roads. If the lab is shaken enough, it could catch fire or explode.

“It can be extremely hazardous for people to innocently come upon it and not know what it is,” said Lt. Baker, Anderson County Sheriff’s Office.7871112_G

7 On Your Side asked drug enforcement how easy is it to detect these mobile meth labs. They say it’s pretty hard, because meth can be made in small, plastic bottles and put in small places like a trunk.

Some call them “shake and bake” meth labs. It’s a cheaper, easier option to make the drug by mixing ingredients together in a bottle.

“[If a] van explodes. there could be school children on the side of the road,” said Black. “Just horrible things can happen.”

Experts say the chemicals can be harmful even if the meth lab isn’t active. They can burn your skin and put your health at risk.

“The chemicals are extremely hazardous,” said Lt. Baker. “The aftermath could be potentially hazardous if it’s not handled properly.”

Law enforcement usually find mobile meth labs during traffic stops or accidents. When they do, they’re told to immediately back away and call in a hazmat team, as police did Saturday night in West Pelzer.

We asked law enforcement how common these mobile meth labs are in the upstate. The Anderson County Drug Unit say they don’t see as many as they do meth labs inside homes or other buildings.

Law enforcement do tell us that meth labs overall are on the rise in the Upstate. So far this year, Spartanburg County and Anderson County say they have busted about 28 meth labs.

In Greenwood county, law enforcement has found 15. They were not able to tell us how many of those were mobile.

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