Santa Fe police early Monday arrested Agustin Venecia, 46, on suspicion of seven crimes ranging from kidnapping to trafficking of a controlled substance. Police say he admitted to transporting a woman against her will while he was illegally in possession of a firearm.Agustin Venecia, 46

A string of weekend encounters with Venecia began Saturday, police said, when he called dispatchers to report that a local woman had been kidnapped. The next day, he phoned again to report she’d been found. Officers followed up by questioning the two at the Western Scene Motel on Cerrillos Road.

When questioned alone, police said, the woman stated that she had staged her own kidnapping the day before to get away from Venecia, adding that she had felt afraid of him and didn’t want him to find her. The woman told police Venecia eventually tracked her down outside another Cerrillos Road inn, the Tranquilla Inn, where he confronted her with a gun, grabbed her from behind and forcibly transported her by car for several blocks.

Officers said a search of the Western Scene Motel room led to the discovery of a box of .45-caliber ammunition, a crystal substance residue, plastic baggies and a digital scale.

The woman was taken to Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center for a medical examination, police said, but at about 4:30 a.m. Monday, officers were dispatched to the hospital because Venecia was reportedly asking staff if he could visit her.

During a second round of questioning about Sunday’s confrontation outside the Tranquilla Inn, police said, Venecia admitted that he had been armed when he grabbed the woman and left with her in a car. Officers say they found a steel-framed BB handgun in Venecia’s pocket, as well as a small amount of a substance that later tested positive for methamphetamine.

  1. His name, is Tino. He has helped more people than can be counted! He and I worked for Chief Building Services. This security firm, stoped paying their employees and for years, their checks continue to bounch. The crimes my friend Tino, is being charged with are the result of this company creating ‘finincial destress’. Tino is not a criminal. I worked with him daily, ate many meals together, we laughed and cried together. Thats, how you know someone.

    The girl who says she was kidnaped, over reacts! I know her too! She was riding around with a drug additc in a white truck, that is the one who kidnaped her! I invited both, Tino and this girl to passover meal, and she comes out the bathroom with power on her nose! Go figure. There are too many ‘double agents’ in our world, who on the outter apperance seam like, ‘religious folk’, but use their religion as a cover, so they can do their crimes. This girl, not Tino, is like that.

    I have eviction notices and this security company ows me 2,000 dollars. They owe, Tino 3500!! What do you expect!!? Tino was helping people on the streets, no matter how you look at it. They, are ‘sick’, and if Tino did not help them, they would of killed people to get dope and cure their ‘sickness’. The words of Tino, is that ‘if you feel unfomfortable about doing something, then mabybe it you should not do it.’ He encourages street folk to go the right way. If anyone know this about Tino, it is me! We spent our days together, so I know the truth about him.

    Tino, myself and other guards (60 of them) are not getting paied by our securty company. Tino was left homless, because this security company stoped paying us. He had to pay bills, feed him self and stay alive. So dont be mad at him and lable him as ‘criminal’. Even though he was broght low, by lack of work, he still continued helping MANY people! Now, how many people do this!!?

    If one has qustions about him, just check with Smith’s Food and Drug customers and employess, then you can know more about him and how much he has helped others! MEDIA, means, ‘in the middle’, and that is what hasatan is, in the middle, full of lies. Whos sins are wose? Looking at them pornstars is just as wrong as what Tino is ‘charged’ for, even though is not true. Judgement is on its way. If Santa Fe does harm to the ‘servants of YAH’, it will be in big trouble!!! Tino is a may of true faith, who was done wrong by our employer and of all who he helped, nobody helped him!