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CARTER COUNTY, Ky. (WSAZ) — A grandmother who just lost her grandson in a gruesome murder, and advocated life behind bars for the suspect in the case, is now behind bars herself.

Wilma McDavid, 62, of Grayson, Kentucky, was arrested Tuesday by Kentucky State Police. She’s facing several charges including first-offense manufacturing meth, according to online jail records.MCDAVID_ARTICLE

State troopers tell WSAZ another family member, Phillip Joseph McDavid, 39, was also arrested on several meth-related charges, including first-offense manufacturing meth.

State Police said the arrests come after investigators searched the McDavid home, after her grandson, Marcus McDavid, was shot to death Sunday night.

Troopers said these two arrests are not linked directly to the murder case.

They said they found inactive labs in the home and precursors used in making meth while collecting evidence.

However, they couldn’t specify in what rooms the materials were found.

They also said they found no money or anything else tied to meth making.

Kentucky State Police said they still have more interviews to do in the case.

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