CANNON BEACH — Two women from Cannon Beach were arrested for methamphetamine possession early Thursday morning.

At 12:02 a.m., Cannon Beach Police Officer Josh Gregory pulled over a vehicle at 84806 Junction Road at the U.S. Highway 101 and U.S. Highway 26 junction. The occupants — Wendy G. Phillips, 33, and Kathleen J. Skinner, 47 — were discovered to have methamphetamine in their possession. Both subjects were charged with possession of a controlled substance.

In addition, Phillips was charged with fugitive arrest, and Skinner was charged with distribution of a controlled substance (methamphetamine). They were taken to Clatsop County Jail.

Altogether, 22 grams of methamphetamine were confiscated. Though Gregory found the narcotics himself, K-9 Officer Gunner was deployed at the end of the search.

  1. franny hanson says:

    My friend was erronously mentioned on one of your sites…Jonna Pulley is not a meth user..she was in Freds getting diapers for her 5 mos old grandchild…please please check your sources for validity before you ruin someones reputation with a Lie! I seriously hope this is addressed ASAP!
    This is a serious case of libel.!