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Narcotics agents rescued two six-month-old children from a meth lab in Cottondale Friday morning, according to a Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s spokesman. 17949688-mmmain

Sgt. Alex Miles said an anonymous caller tipped the sheriff’s office and the West Alabama Narcotics Task Force off to drug activity at a home Canyon Lake Road.

Agents and deputies responded Friday morning, and while they spoke with the residents of the home, they noticed the strong chemical odor typically associated with manufacturing methamphetamine.

On further investigation, agents discovered a meth lab with 116 grams of methamphetamine oil, less than a gram of finished crystal meth and associated paraphernalia.

Miles said agents also found two 6-month-old twins in the residence and turned them over to the custody of the Department of Human Resources.

A man and two women were arrested in the home and charged with endangering the children as well as manufacturing methamphetamine.

47-year-old Jerry Wayne Grimball of Cottondale was charged with trafficking methamphetamine, first-degree manufacturing methamphetamine, two counts of chemical endangerment of a child and possession of drug paraphernalia; his bond was set at $1,035,000.

Sunny Leigh Anne Ward and Terry Lynn Jordan, also of Cottondale, were charged with the same offenses, but their bonds were set at $331,000. Ward is 22, Jordan is 44.

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