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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KCRA) —Former real estate mogul Michael Lyon faces yet another lawsuit, KCRA 3 learned Wednesday.lyon2

Former Sacramento real estate executive Michael Lyon is facing a “nightmare” and his case “doesn’t look good” following his arrest this week on drug-related charges, according to his attorney.

A woman is claiming she had no idea Lyon had hidden cameras set up in his home, where he allegedly recorded their sexual encounters.

Lyon pleaded guilty to a criminal eavesdropping charge in 2011, and settled a lawsuit by the women whom he had recorded a year later.

The new suit, filed May 5 under the plaintiff’s name Jane Doe, says the woman sustained great mental, physical and emotional suffering when she learned in December that Lyon had recorded the pair having sex without her knowledge.

It also claims Lyon recorded the two having sex, then uploaded the videos to adult websites and profited from them. The lawsuit called it “despicable conduct [that] constitutes malice, fraud and oppression.”

Lyon still awaits another criminal trial, after authorities said a probation violation turned up methamphetamine and evidence that he was, allegedly, recording women without their knowledge.

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