The state’s Department of Child Safety is looking into who knew what and when in a deadly child abuse case. A 4-year-old girl from Surprise, Ariz., weighed just 15 pounds when she died.web1_azabusedeath_2

It was back in 2011 when DCS was contacted after methamphetamine was discovered in 4-year-old Alexandra Torcerro’s system. Her mom, Rosemary Velazco, admitted to using the drug. It now appears that 2011 case wasn’t the first time.

This past May 23, dispatchers took a call that would lead to an extremely disturbing case of child abuse and neglect. By the time paramedics arrived at the Surprise home, Alexandra was dead. Her parents now sit in jail awaiting trial.

But there are new revelations that DCS might have known about Velazco as far back as 2009. Velazco’s 6-year-old son would likely have been a baby.

“I can only say that there was nothing in the record that indicates a child, this was a situation in which an adult was brought to our attention and we do not have jurisdiction over adults,” said DCS spokesman Doug Nick.

A newly obtained Surprise police report says in August 2009, Velazco was arrested for using meth, that DCS was contacted but that DCS only took information and never investigated.

Surprise police said it was the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office’s case. MCSO pointed to the El Mirage Police Department. But none of those agencies could figure out why DCS was contacted back in 2009.

“There are very strict guidelines under the law as to when we can intervene,” Nick said. “There has to be an allegation of neglect or abuse and the ‘09 case is something I really can’t comment on.”

Both Rosemary Velazco and the baby’s father, Carlos Cruz, entered not guilty pleas. They are due back in court July 28.

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