CORPUS CHRISTI (Kiii News) – One man arrested Tuesday night after police said he crashed his car into the Water Garden at 1901 North Shoreline Boulevard and fled on foot, trying to hide drugs behind the seawall before police arrived.8150865_G

It was around 11:50 p.m. when officers were called out to the Water Garden. A silver car had left the roadway and crashed into the shrubbery around the location, and the driver had fled on foot. However, witnesses identified him.

Police caught up to driver as he was walking away and said he was trying to hide something behind the seawall. Officers took him into custody and recovered the hidden object, which they determined to be a bag of methamphetamine.

The driver, identified as 43-year old Trent Cerrito, was arrested for possession of a controlled substance and his vehicle was impounded.

  1. Crystyl Cerrito says:

    I am so glad to see this horrible man off the streets he’s a womanizer a child molester a drug addict a thief a liar and a cheat. I just pray to God the justice system works this time and lets him away forever so he can’t hurt any more people lucky I got away from him thank you God

  2. candi says:

    i thought i was loved and i loved so i blinded by love bonded trent out of jail…..and this is when i trent showed me his true colors and now i have to hope he does more to get arrested again so i dont have to face the consequences of what happens if he jumps bond. he is the worse thing that could happen to anyone and is unconstitutionally incapable of change. i have a lot of mental anguish to deal with in regards to my relationship with trent. he is pure evil.

  3. R Beal says:

    Trent Cerrito is the biggest con artist known to man. He is abusive, a liar, a cheat and predator. No on is safe from him. He needs to be put in jail and the key thrown away. He has warrants for his arrest in every city he’s ever lived in. Do yourself a favor and run if you have the unfortune of meeting him.

  4. Tim Fairchild says:

    Trent will be ok…

  5. Unknown says:

    I’m his ex wife of 10 years this man made my life and my children lives a living hell he is truly a demon who is a women beater who has always been a drug addict who stole my hard working money and we must not forget about Christmas time he would steal my children gifts. To top it off he is a child molester. Woman beware of this monster .