CEDAR RAPIDS | A man who was found with meth hidden in his prosthetic leg will remain in jail until his trial for federal drug charges.

Jason Gauthier, 40, and six others were charged earlier this month for conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine in an operation that included Waterloo.558c80b5390ac_image

Authorities allege they intercepted 11 phone calls between Gauthier and the person at the head of the alleged meth ring, 39-year-old Mario Murillo-Mora, discussing repayment of debts. Authorities also claim Gauther had sold about 17 pounds of meth he received from Murillo-Mora, and officers found a pound of meth when they searched his home May 18.

Even after the search, Gauthier was caught with more meth a month later.

“When defendant was arrested on the instant charge on June 17, methamphetamine was found in his artificial leg,” according to court records.

One of Gauthier’s legs was amputated above the knee following a 1994 car accident, court records state.

Others charged in the case include Austin Michael Bertch, of Waterloo; Jessica Acosta; Vania Guadarrama; Rachel Berrones; Gustavo Gonzalez-Torres; and Jeff Richardson.

In 2005, Gauthier was arrested in connection with a federal counterfeiting probe. Marshalltown police found $1,890 in fake money along with two pounds of marijuana while searching another person’s home, and the investigation led them to Gauthier’s home.

There, authorities discovered remnants of a counterfeit bill and computer equipment.