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LAPORTE | A husband and wife were charged Monday with dealing methamphetamine allegedly cooked inside a Kingsford Heights home where six children lived.

The six children did not appear harmed by the potentially deadly vapors created by a reaction of the chemicals used in making the narcotic, authorities said.

Ronald Walters, II, and Tammy Walters, both 37, are each charged with dealing in methamphetamine, neglect of a dependent and possession of the materials used to make the drug.

Early Friday, police responded to a home in the 300 block of Evanston Road after an anonymous caller stated ”a batch of methamphetamine is being made in the garage as we speak,” according to court documents.

Sgt. Brett Swanson, while approaching the home, detected a chemical odor strong enough that when he went inside the garage he began coughing and choking on the noxious fumes, court documents revealed.

He also saw what he described as a white chemical haze inside the garage.

Six children and two young adults were sleeping inside the home attached to the garage by a breezeway.

Two of the children belong to the Walters while the remainder of the juveniles were with two other families living in the home, authorities said.

Four other adults, including a pregnant woman, were taken in for questioning. None of them have been charged.

Authorities wearing respirators and other gear as protection against the toxic vapors went inside the garage, finding items such as hydrochloric acid, camping stove fuel and lithium battery strips used in making the highly addictive drug.

Child protective services was brought in due to the presence of children inside the home, which had been the subject of anonymous tips about methamphetamine production numerous times in recent years.

If convicted, the couple each could face anywhere from a 2- to 12-year sentence.

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