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A majority of respondents to the Lebanon Daily Record’s weekly poll said a multi-effort approach is the way to combat methamphetamine addiction in the area. 5599a2eb885aa_image

For the first time in 10 years, Missouri is not leading the list of states with most meth labs, instead ranking third, with 1,495 meth labs found in 2014. The 25 percent drop from the previous year’s total could be a result of changing enforcement tactics or new, more powerful drugs being imported from Mexico, according to Third is still very high atop the list of 50. So meth is still a major problem in the Show Me State.

The poll area residents took online last week asked what can be done in Lebanon and Laclede County to address the methamphetamine addiction problem in the area. The poll offered the following options:

  • More anti-drug education in the schools
  • Stronger law enforcement measures
  • More effective rehabilitation programs
  • A law regulating pseudo ephedrine sales
  • All of the above
  • A solution other than those listed
  • Nothing will help

A total of 274 people responded to the poll, and nearly 39 percent of all responders said all the above measures of more regulations, rehabilitation programs, stronger law enforcement and education in the school systems are the answers to mitigating the meth addiction issue in the area. The next two highest responses were stronger law enforcement measures at 19.3 percent and more effective rehab at 18.2 percent.

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