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BOOMER, W.Va. – A video shot by a neighbor and posted to Facebook shows a disoriented mother who State Police said was arrested because she was high on drugs and left her child unattended.

The woman, Ashley Marie Laner, 26, of Boomer is charged with child neglect resulting in risk of injury, according to a criminal complaint filed in Fayette County Magistrate Court.

In the video, the neighbor who shot the footage, Temirri Foster, can be heard calling 911 and then trying to talk to Laner, telling the woman she found her child sitting in feces on a set of steps.

West Virginia State Police said a trooper responded about 5:40 p.m. to investigate a 16-month-old toddler roaming around and the mother passed out on Boomer Hill Road in Boomer. When the officer arrived at the scene and made contact with Laner, she said that she and her boyfriend were having relationship issues and she had relapsed, consumed meth and then passed out.

The trooper said he contacted Foster, the neighbor who found the toddler unattended and Laner passed out. Foster told the officer she discovered the toddler screaming and she attempted to located the mother at a residence on Boomer Hill Road. She told the trooper she could not find Laner, and the toddler had a dirty diaper with what appeared to be dried blood on it. Foster told State Police she fed the toddler and found Laner passed out in her vehicle with needles and she contacted 911. She said Laner could barely walk and staggered around.

State Police said Laner told a trooper she had consumed meth with her boyfriend for about 48 hours. She also said she had consumed benzodiazepine while she was on meth.

Child Protective Services was contacted, and the child was allowed to be placed in the temporary custody of the boyfriend’s mother.

Laner was transported to Southern Regional Jail to await arraignment.

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