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GREAT BEND, Kansas – On Wednesday KSN told you about a big meth bust out of Great Bend.

On Tuesdsay the Barton County Sheriff’s Department made a big drug bust, collecting fifty-thousand dollars of methamphetamine, but they say it is just a small part of a bigger drug problem.meth-suspectssss

“Yes I know that there are large quantities of methamphetamines and other drugs out here, I do not think this is the largest bust we could get, I think we’re going to go after bigger ones and I think it’s here, and we’re going to try and track it down and get it,” said Barton County Sheriff Brian Bellendir.

Inter-agency cooperation has been becoming more common in the past few years which has been leading to the arrest of more drug dealers.

“We know who the players are we know who’s connected with who even if it’s two counties over, we’re getting more information and it’s helping us out a lot,” Bellendir said.

One reason the meth problem is getting worse is because it’s become cheaper and easier to get and is often imported.

“I believe we are seeing more importation of methamphetamine whereas ten or fifteen years ago it was locally produced in labs and it was a little more difficult to make, it’s become cheaper to import it, I believe a lot of it is coming from Mexico, from across the border.” said Bellendir.

Information shared between agencies has lead to more dealer arrests, hoping that they can make the supply of meth more scarce.

“Here in the last several large busts we’ve made we’ve been able to develop information that’s lead us directly to dealers, and we went right after the source.”

With an ongoing investigation into the most recent drug bust, the Barton County Sheriff’s Department says they’re looking to make more arrests in the next few weeks.

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